Friday, July 24, 2009

Catch me Catch me (if you can)

Nic arrived early in the am to beat the heat. He worked with Deuce first.

Deuce's main accomplishment: movement under saddle. He was willing to take cue to walk around the round pen with a saddle and rider. Last ride he was only willing to move in place. He was more relaxed with the whole ordeal.

When I arrived I showed Nic the work I had done the day before. Deuce was so concerned about the saddle on his back, he forgot how to disengage his hindquarters. Next came Stinger.

Stinger wanted to play the "Catch Me If You Can" game. So Nic obliged by chasing Stinger around the pasture on Jazz. This went on for about 10 minutes. When Stinger was tired of playing "catch me" he saved face by running into the round pen or adjacent coral and playing stupid. The look on his face questioned " How did I end up in here in this pen?" My bad. I give up.

Both horses are learning to disengage their hindquarters through the cue of indirect rein and leg in the back of the flank(position three). They are getting used to being saddled and ridden around the round pen.

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